We Moved...

From the Darcy Lodge, to Buillding 1 at the Hunterdon County Complex, 314 State Rt. 12, Flemington, NJ.   Ourfirst meeting at the new site will be on January 19, 2020.

CHQ Facebook News!  From Cathie Giambalvo, CHQ Web Presence
acebook Business Page and Face Book  Group
The purpose of the Courthouse Quilters Guild business page is to reference general information about our Guild; who we are, where we meet, things that represent the guild and general announcements (i.e. quilt show information).  This will be updated by CHQ Facebook administrator(s).  This is a “public page”, it can be “liked” and “followed” and viewed by everyone.
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The purpose of the Courthouse Quilter Guild Group is for the CHQ members to post and receive guild related messages and share with each other.  Please note that posting in this group can be view by everyone (it's public), but only guild members can post.
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Tip: Search FB for “Courthouse Quilter Guild” and you’ll find our page and group.Type your paragraph here.

April Program Newsletter Blurb… (from Cass G.)
We are all working together to slow the spread!  Brita has been rescheduled for February of 2021. For those who signed up for the class in March, your class fee will be refunded shortly.
April:  In April, we have a Sew for the Show workshop scheduled at noon and our Challenge and Anniversary Party is in the evening. The Covid-19 guidelines right now are requesting that we not to be in a group of more than 10 people so we may not be meeting in April.  I have no idea what things will be like in a few weeks but my guess is we will still be socially distancing…but you should keep working on your challenge entries because we will be naming that tune at some point.  For now, work on boutique items…work on your challenge quilt and show quilts and wash your hands. 

July:  Penny will be teaching Quilting with a Walking Foot-Part II.  We have spaces available for this class although almost all who took Part I are already signed up for Part II. The class is from 12-4 but there is a ton of info packed into those four hours. We learned a LOT in Part I.  Cost: ZERO! Please let me know if you have questions or want to sign up for any classes. Social distancing does not apply to emailing so keep in touch with your quilting friends. Happy Quilting!