CHQ Facebook News!  From Cathie Giambalvo, CHQ Web Presence

We have a NEW Facebook Business Page and NEW FB CHQ Group!
The purpose of the Courthouse Quilters Guild business page is to reference general information about our Guild; who we are, where we meet, things that represent the guild and general announcements (i.e. quilt show information).  This will be updated by CHQ Facebook administrator(s).  This is a “public page”, it can be “liked” and “followed” and viewed by everyone.
Here’s a link:
Please “like” and “follow” to get notifications.

The purpose of the Courthouse Quilter Guild Group is for the CHQ members to post and receive guild related messages and share with each other.  Please note that posting in this group can be view by everyone (it's public), but only guild members can post.
Here’s a link:
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Tip: Search FB for “Courthouse Quilter Guild” and you’ll find our page and group.Type your paragraph here.

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Lorraine Andrews
Sandy Overton
Cari Garner
Susan Fellin (2)
Anna Foss
Cass Garner
Ellen Heath
Betty Czerurnski
Lisa Oertle (2)
Doris Emond (2)
Babette Galinak
Joan Lasota (2)
Bart Fellin
Alicia Wilhelm
Jen McAlpin
Jean Mansur (2)
Carolyn Kucsma
Jean Mahoney
Barbara Henry
Katherine Hunt
Melanie Wade
Mike Zemlachewfo
Sharon Roehig (2)
Nancy J. Heigervalt

CHQ Mini Raffle Winners
2018 "Quilts in the Mill"
Quilt Show


1st Place - Patty Gertz "From Garden to Quilt"
2nd Place - Albert Accettolla "Twin Oaks Farm"
3rd Place - Andrea Cavallaro "ur Wee House"
( top row - left to right) 

Honorable Mention:
- Alice Spenger "Liberty Medallion"
-Ann Pietropinto "Flower Garden"
- Linda Allen "Gypsy Lashes"

(bottom row - left to right)

Quilts in the Mill 2018 - Viewer's Choice Winners


Quilts in the Mill 2018 Show Chair - Camille Q.

Show Co Chair - Stephanie G.

Acquisitions - Andrea C.

Admissions - Marla K.

Boutique - Ellen H. & Sue G.

Decorations - Al & Iris A.

Demonstrations - Jan H.

Prizes - Carol E.

Hanging & Setup - Cathie G. & Mary d.

Library Display - Mary S.

Licenses - Joanne G.

Mini Quilts - Joan L. & Mary R.

Preview Party & Grants - Patty G. & Executive Board

Program - Helle-May C. & Alice S.

Publicity - Cass G.

Quilt Tags - Brielle C.

Raffle Quilt Tickets - Mary d.

Ribbons - Camille Q.

Show Treasurer - Patty G.

Vendors - Stephanie G.

Volunteers - Alice M.

Welcome Table - Camille Q.

Barbara Ford
Marie Cleary
Rosemary Gifford
Gina Burnes
Olivia Selinger
Carolyn Frei &  Jennifer Vidiaev

Barbara McClintock
Sue Anlas    
Beverly Staskus
George Foos  
Gayle Rosenbach
Nancy Delaney
Joann Oser
Kathy O’Gara
April Woodall
Valerie Smith
Marjorie Shoemaker
Janet Lima
Kim Pope
Merle Flumhaft
Barbara McClintock
C.J. Chueca/Cecilia Jundo
Shirley Conti
Anne Spence

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