We Moved...

From the Darcy Lodge, to Buillding 1 at the Hunterdon County Complex, 314 State Rt. 12, Flemington, NJ.   Ourfirst meeting at the new site will be on January 19, 2020.

Program News…
Upcoming workshops: (Classes are filling up quickly)

January 2020
Thread Sketching, Free Motion Basic and Creating a Landscape by Sulky. 
$25.00 for kit    $10.00 for the class.
Couching, Thread Sketching & Free-motion Basics  
Couching: Learn the basics of raw edge appliqué; layering techniques; machine fed/free-motion couching; and free-motion straight stitch thread painting. Couch yarns to actually create an object or make awesome textures by threading multiple threads through the eye of a single needle. 
Thread Sketching: Learn how to write cursive with our machine - great for labels and signing quilts; basic free-motion straight stitching with different thread types; free-motion quilting, free-motion fill-n; introduction to thread sketched portraits and pen & ink tangles.  These exercises will help you get your stitches more uniform in length.

February 2020
Quilting with a Walking Foot by Penny Armagost.
Learn how to do this for FREE! This is our first free class! If you sign up, we expect you to attend so please check your calendars before signing up.
Penny will unlock the secrets of creating great designs using your walking foot. This class is particularly good for those of us who are just learning how to machine quilt. YOU MUST HAVE A WALKING FOOT! (obviously)

March 2020

Brita Nelson teaching her method of making original fabric "Crumbs to Quilts". Contact me Cass if you have any questions.

Time to Renew Your CHQ Membership for 2020!

Dues are $35 for the calendar year. Bring your check to the next meeting or mail to:

Camille Quinton, 21 Lexington Drive, Pennington, NJ 08534
Please email me at camquinton@gmail.com to let me know you are mailing your check, or if you have decided not to renew.

CHQ Facebook News!  From Cathie Giambalvo, CHQ Web Presence
acebook Business Page and Face Book  Group
The purpose of the Courthouse Quilters Guild business page is to reference general information about our Guild; who we are, where we meet, things that represent the guild and general announcements (i.e. quilt show information).  This will be updated by CHQ Facebook administrator(s).  This is a “public page”, it can be “liked” and “followed” and viewed by everyone.
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The purpose of the Courthouse Quilter Guild Group is for the CHQ members to post and receive guild related messages and share with each other.  Please note that posting in this group can be view by everyone (it's public), but only guild members can post.
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