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CHQ Facebook News!  From Cathie Giambalvo, CHQ Web Presence

We have a NEW Facebook Business Page and NEW FB CHQ Group!
The purpose of the Courthouse Quilters Guild business page is to reference general information about our Guild; who we are, where we meet, things that represent the guild and general announcements (i.e. quilt show information).  This will be updated by CHQ Facebook administrator(s).  This is a “public page”, it can be “liked” and “followed” and viewed by everyone.
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The purpose of the Courthouse Quilter Guild Group is for the CHQ members to post and receive guild related messages and share with each other.  Please note that posting in this group can be view by everyone (it's public), but only guild members can post.
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Tip: Search FB for “Courthouse Quilter Guild” and you’ll find our page and group.Type your paragraph here.

​​​​​​QUILTS in the MILL SHOW 2018 NEWS

The Acquisitions Committee is now soliciting quilts!

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CHQ Member's Acquisitions Form
CHQ Acquisitions Procedures 

2018 is a special year for the guild – 30 years of continuous quilting education, charity outreach and fellowship.
In October 2018, the guild hosts our biennial Quilts in the Mill show. Special exhibits, are in the planning stage. Guidelines are available for the special 30th anniversary quilt challenge. A team of members are working to finish the beautiful raffle quilt, a modern twist on a New York Beauty design. Here are a few ways to support the quilt show now:
• For every project you sew, make an item for the show boutique
• make a mini quilt – a great way to try a new technique or make that really cute design that doesn’t go with your house - someone else will love it!
• Save your fabric scraps (2 inches or larger) for the show scrap basket (other quilters LOVE our scraps!)
• VOLUNTEER your time (even an hour will help) to a show committee. It takes all hands to create a fantastic show.
A collection box will be at every meeting to collect your show boutique items. Questions on boutique? Ask Ellen H.
Members, a reminder: according to CHQ bylaws, to exhibit quilts in the show, you must be a member in
good standing:
1) dues paid in full
2) make 3 items for the show boutique
3) sell 20 raffle tickets
The time is now to start supporting the show! The January meeting marks the kickoff for the 30th anniversary quilt show. Ask me how you can help make the 30th anniversary show the best ever!

Quilts in the Mill 2018 Show Chair - Camille Q.

Show Co Chair - Stephanie G.

Acquisitions - Andrea C.

Admissions - Marla K.

Boutique - Ellen H. & Sue G.

Decorations - Al & Iris A.

Demonstrations - Jan H.

Prizes - Carol E.

Hanging & Setup - Cathie G. & Mary d.

Library Display - Mary S.

Licenses - Joanne G.

Mini Quilts - Joan L. & Mary R.

Preview Party & Grants - Patty G. & Executive Board

Program - Helle-May C. & Alice S.

Publicity - Cass G.

Quilt Tags - Brielle C.

Raffle Quilt Tickets - Mary d.

Ribbons - Camille Q.

Show Treasurer - Patty G.

Vendors - Stephanie G.

Volunteers - Alice M.

Welcome Table - Camille Q.