Flemington, New Jersey

​​​​​​​​​​​Courthouse Quilters Guild Challenge 2019
"What is Black and White and ????? all over?"

The Challenge for 2019 will be to create something using only Black, White, and Shades (GRAY ONLY) maybe prints must contain no other colors.  If you choose to, you may add one color, it must be a solid.

Ribbons will be given in the following three categories:
(at our 31th Anniversary Celebration- April 14, 2019)

1. Black and whites with or without gray quilt.
2. Black and whites, with or without gray and one other solid color quilt.
3. Others items (clothing, purses, fabric sculpture et al.) in color combination 1 or 2. 

 Black and White

1st place – Brielle Cordingley

2nd place – Albert Accettola

2nd  place – Nicky Wallis

 Black and White and One Color

1st place – Cathie Giambalvo

2nd place – Albert Accettola

2nd place – Alice Sprenger

2nd place – Claire Rohloff

Other (not flat quilts)

1st place – Cass Garner

2nd place – Nicky Wallis

3rd place – Penny Armagost