Hospitality Volunteers 2019

January, February & March

Cathie G

April, May & June

Carol E

July, August & September

Brielle C

October, November & December    

Jill F

Thank-you for your service! 

         ​CHQ Guild Meeting Volunteer(s)                                                                           

Here’s what is needed to be done for our monthly meeting:

1.  Bring ½ & ½, milk, and ice and decorations (if you like).
2.  Arrive prior to the meeting around 6:00 pm (meeting starts at 6:30 pm goes to 8:30pm).
3.  There is a set of three plastic boxes on a small movable platform in the closet in back of meeting room. There are also two separate boxes with a coffee maker and an electric teapot in the back as well. An extension cord should also be near boxes. Roll/carry all of these things to the kitchen area.
4.  If plastic tablecloth is not on table, there are some in one of the boxes.
5.  Set up coffee maker and teapot. Use one of the lodge pitchers (on shelf by sink) to fill with water for pots.
6.  Ice goes in ice bucket.
7.  Set out cups, utensils, plates, etc. from boxes. If you need extra serving utensils, there is a drawer near front of kitchen with some from lodge. Just be sure to return those that you use.
8.  Make sure clipboard for snack providers to sign is out on table.
9.  Big black trash bag is in one of boxes if needed for garbage can.
10. Ask for 3 Volunteers to help with clean-up – at beginning of Guild Meeting

After meeting…
1. Make sure all leftover food is taken back or thrown out.
2. Wipe plastic tablecloth down.
3. Wash any lodge utensils used and put away where you found them.
4. Pack up guild belongings in plastic boxes. Coffee and teapot go back in boxes.
5. Stack boxes on platform and roll back in rear closet.
6. Remove garbage bag from trashcan and put near back door in lodge kitchen.
7. Email me the list of names of those who provided snacks to CHQ Newsletter Editor.
8.  Check supplies for next month;
tea bags, coffee, plastic spoons, napkins, cups,coffee filters coffee filters, plastic table cloths, etc.

Click here for a CHQ Guild Meeting Volunteer PDF document.

Click here for CHQ Expense Form PDF.