A Quilt Guild in Frenchtown, NJ

​​2018 CHQ Challenge
"30th Anniversary - Pearl"

Is it the pearl in an oyster, a string of pearls, a lovely pearlescent color, or a pearl of wisdom?  However you choose to use the word, incorporate a pearl into your challenge quilt to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Courthouse Quilters – our pearl anniversary.  Celebrate on April 8, 2018.
Ribbons will be given in three categories: 
1)  Quilt of any size.
2)  Quilt that measures 30” x 30”.
3)  Other (“Other” may be – but is not limited to – clothing, fabric sculpture, home décor item.).
The quilt must be made between November 12, 2017 and April 8, 2018.
You will be given a paper label to fill out when you bring your quilt. 
You will be asked for this information:
   1) Did you design the piece yourself?  If not, who was the designer?
    2) Did you quilt the piece yourself?  If not, who quilted it?
If your quilt has a label, cover it with a piece of cloth.
Bring your quilt in a pillowcase or other closed bag.

Challenge Entry Form 2018

2017 CHQ "Library Challenge"

The CHQ Library has issued a challenge. Take any book or ruler out of the library and make something. It can be a quilt or table runner, a quilt top, a block, or a practice piece on which you learn a technique. It can follow directions exactly or just be inspired by them.  Bring what you made to "show and tell", along with the book or ruler, and show membership what you learned.  The challenge starts now and runs until April 8, 2018.

Check out our Library's online catalog!  (rulers included too)