CHQ April Meeting

A Virtual ZOOM meeting on April 19 - A day or two before our meeting on April 19, we will send out a blast to the whole membership with a link to a Zoom meeting at 6:30 pm on the 19th. 

If you are not familiar with Zoom, it is an easy-to-use application for meetings of all kinds.  It is free for you to join our meeting, and quite simple to use once you are at the meeting.  You will be able to see each other, speak in turn, share your show-and-tell, and even chat privately with a friend during the meeting.  (I would have loved that option in some faculty meetings.) 

Here is a link to a simple, 2-minute, video tutorial our church made.  You can ignore the church stuff and focus on how to use the buttons.

If you woud like a practice session before the meeting, email me at, and I will set up a time to Zoom with you.

At our meeting, I would like to try out a game.  If you’ve watched either the Great British Baking Show on Netflix or the Great British Sewing Bee on You Tube, you have the general idea. 

You are welcome to attend the meeting and just watch the game and vote for a winner, but I hope that at least a few of you will take the challenge.

The Great Courthouse Quilters Guild Block Show

  a. You will make a block in 30 minutes during the meeting.  b. The block can be absolutely any design you want as long as it measures  approximately 12”x12”.  (This is not a contest to make a Courthouse  block.)  c. You may use any materials, supplies, embellishments, machines, etc. that  you have at home.  d. You may precut and pre-fuse any fabric before the meeting.  e. You will need to set up your sewing machine so that we can see you while  you sew.  f. Ellen will interview you for a minute or so while you sew about your block and  fabrics.  g. After 30 minutes, all members who participate or are just watching will vote  for their favorite 2 blocks.  h. The 3 blocks with the highest number of votes will each win a $25 gift  certificate to Missouri Star.

Will this all work???  We’ll find out.  Let’s give it a try.

Important Message:  
​April Workshop Cancelled!
The April Guild Meeting will be held as a virtual meeting using ZOOM!