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The Re-envisioned Lending Library 2020

Our guild library currently consists of approximately 100 books, (culled from 450) and 36 rulers. Since there is no closet space in our new location, the process of borrowing is a little different.  To see if we still own the book in which you are interested, go online to search our catalogue at


There you will see books we currently have and also books we no longer have.
To see if we have the book you want in our storage unit, search for the tag 2020 . You can add other search criteria as well (such as applique, design, etc).

If you want a book please send email to the librarian at patty.gertz@gmail.com no later than 11:00 am the Wednesday before the meeting. Patty will insure that no one has the book out, and collect it from the storage unit and bring it to the meeting. All rulers will be brought to every meeting.